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Jobistan.af is one of the largest jobs website in Afghanistan and is a proud product of Dunyai Asan Technology Company which is officially registered with Ministry of Industry & Commerce (MoIC). Jobistan.af provides job announcement services for all employers in Afghanistan, they can directly register and publish their vacancies including International NGOs, governmental organizations, national companies, and private sector entities. Jobseekers can search and find their dream jobs on our platform (www.jobistan.af website), and apply either directly through Jobistan.af website or by email.

Jobistan.af is one of the most comprehensive and best job posting websites in Afghanistan founded by Abdullah Makhdum on April 25, 2018 aiming to be an influencing bridge between employers and job seekers. Since then, we have provided free job posting services to all employers in our Facebook page where more than 30,000 followers get notified of our postings on regular basis.


The idea behind Jobistan.af is simply to make it a great place for great talents and top employers in Afghanistan. That’s why we provide free job posting services to all employers in Afghanistan both in our social media page ( Facebook.com/Jobistan.af ) and our official website at Jobistan.af.

Since the establishment of Jobistan.af we have helped many employers to post their job announcements and find their ideal candidates, and assisted many job seekers to find out job opportunities and apply in a proper way.

We have also shared many great contents to our followers such as interview skills, professional CV writing tips, CV formats, Resume preparation services, and other job related issues with passionate heart and smiling face because we are true people and truly helping others in order to make a difference in their lives.

Jobistan.af has recently done a considerable investment and adopted a premium website design in order to operate seriously and offer some great value and benefits for employers, candidates, and our visitors.

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Our Distinctions

We have a benefit for every visitor of our website. Currently we provide free job posting services to all employers, free job searching options for job seekers, listing companies in a comprehensive way, listing talented candidates, posting scholarships opportunities, and many more. So where is a better place than Jobistan. Something better is out there for you too. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

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    Authentic Jobs

    At Jobistan you can find your dream job in Afghanistan today.

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    Authentic Employers

    Here are real employers hiring top talents from Afghanistan.

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    Authentic Candidates

    Jobistan is home for reliable candidates with years of expertise.

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    Scholarships for Afghanistan

    We publish best scholarships from around the world for Afghanistan only from reliable sources.

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    Free Electronic Books

    Jobistan is home of great books for Afghan book lovers and readers. We provide the trending eBooks.

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    Out of the Box

    We have something for every of our visitors out of our scope i.e. our blog, governmental websites...

Our Team

At Jobistan.af, we are a committed team and friends working voluntarily to operate the website as smooth as possible.
We are aiming to be one of the finest jobs websites in Afghanistan within a short time frame.

BILAL KARIMI Social Media Manager
YAHYA SADAT Business Consultant
MASIH YOUSUF System Administrator
NASRULLAH POYA Marketing Manager
IRSHAD SADI Posting Officer