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Afghanistan Academic and Islamic Research Center (AAIRC) is an Islamic independent, academic, research, legal, social and non-profitable organization which has been established by a number of academic, committed and patriot Afghans. The aim of AAIRC is to deliver effective and efficient services in accordance with the basis of Islam religion, constitution, enforced laws of the country, international conventions, accepted traditions of Afghans and other Islamic values. The objective of AAIRC is to fight against violence; defend the cultural values; ensure human rights and law enforcement; coordinate between Islamic leaders and scholars; get people participate; promote the Islamic and modern knowledge through mosques, gatherings with Islamic leaders and ethnic elders and other available instruments.

AAIRC has implemented effective public outreach projects in the past couple of years. In 2010, in partnership with the Development & Public Awareness (DPA), AAIRC implemented a project on Maximizing Women Participation in 2010 National Assembly Election. The project was very successful and maximized the participation in the election. AAIRC as part of its mandate has organized self-funded seminars and gathering to counter corruption and inform the people on its consequences undermining development and prosperity in Afghanistan. AAIRC engages itself actively in any arenas which is a critical problem in Afghanistan.

Besides all of these activities, it is important to note that AAIRC members have been engaged during the past 2 years conducting research and studies of issues around the country and brainstorming solutions.
For the purpose of this project AAIRC is bringing 10 high-level religious scholars and experts (“Distinguished Speakers”) from different countries (one each month) to deliver speeches and engage with citizens on topics such as extremism, terrorism, suicide bombing, violence, aggressive attitudes toward women, ethnic & religious minorities or children, and any kind of discrimination.

AAIRC will also pave the ground to get the Speakers engage traditional communicators, Islamic scholars, mullahs and imams for discussions on religion in contemporary societies. The project will focus on providing gatherings, meetings, seminars, and using other local events to get constructive messages across and encourage international/multicultural understanding.