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The IDEA NEW Program falls under USAID / Afghanistan’s Operational Plan Functional Objective of Peace and Security, the Program Area of Counter Narcotics and Program Element 1.4.2, Alternative Development and Alternative Livelihoods.

The broad objective of USAID/Afghanistan’s alternative development program is to increase licit and commercially viable agricultural-based alternatives for rural Afghans with the goal of significantly improving economic conditions and a sense of rural enfranchisement to reduce motivations to support the insurgency and eliminate illicit crop production and trafficking. Alternatives development comprises one of five pillars of USG Counter-narcotics Strategy including: alternative development, public information, poppy elimination and eradication, interdiction and law enforcement operations, and justice reform and prosecution.

The overall Mission of IDEA NEW is to increase incentives that create jobs and sales, by promoting licit and sustainable commercial agriculture and related agribusiness in provinces affected by poppy and the insurgency and thus help local economies transition away from dependency on illicit opium production and sales. This includes rewarding farmers who refrain from or stay out of poppy production