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The Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University (ACKU) houses a large and unique collection of books, pamphlets, periodicals, maps, posters, educational flip-charts, video and audio material related to Afghanistan’s history and struggle for independence. It collects information from a wide array of national and international sources about current activities in our country, all of which will be vital in providing reliable information to policy planners, program implementers, and future leaders, including faculty members and students at all Afghan universities. All pertinent facilities for internet research is available freely at the Centre for research related to Afghanistan.

ACKU provides the most comprehensive collection of materials related to Afghanistan in the region. ACKU collects, stores, preserves, and shares information with a wide body of readers in both urban and rural settings so as to encourage the development of a qualitatively literate society capable of contributing to the growth of the nation. It also provides a congenial environment for interactions and interchange by Afghans, and international students and researchers, and policy makers. There are tremendous gaps in knowledge and understanding in Afghanistan today. ACKU exists to fill this gap and to build and strengthen the capacity and culture of research.

A major programme of ACKU is the provision of mobile and similar libraries in areas outside Kabul through the ACKU Box Library Extension.