Afghanistan Local Government Facility Development Program

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The Afghanistan Local Government Facility Development Program (AFP) was established by a Presidential Decree in August 2004 with the intention of coordinating development interventions to improve governance and enhance security across all provinces and districts in Afghanistan. In that context, the program focused on construction of infrastructures for the sub – national institutions, built capacities of government institutions for effective public service delivery and initiate small scale projects in response to the very immediate needs of the country. The program support sub- national governance institutions in the delivery quality public service effectively and efficiently. Since its inception, the AFP has contracted over 241 projects with a total value of US$ 45,606,977 for construction of 158 infrastructures and supplying tools/equipment for district governor Offices.

Up to date, AFP has constructed 106 District Complex, 7 Provincial Governor Buildings, 27 schools, 3 bridges, 1 irrigation channels, 1 pipe scheme, 1 guest house, 1provincial boundary wall, 2 clinics and various other types of infrastructure. It’s expected that 9 various types of infrastructures projects will be constructed by the end of 2010. In addition, the program has provided 166 vehicles to the District Governor Offices and supplied 74 sets of tools/equipment to the District governor offices across the country since its transfer from the Ministry of Interior to the IDGL, the AFP was audited and a restructuring process has been still in progress.

For the next five years, the Afghanistan Local Government Facility Development Program intends to complete construction of all infrastructures required for sub- national governance institutions considered to be critical for the delivering of quality services for the people