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Company Description

Amin Kapisa Construction and Road Building company is a major Afghani construction and Road Building Company with a total capability across the spectrum of roads networks, building and civil engineering work, including Design, implementation and Finance developments.
AKCC Consultants is Afghan National, Non Governmental and Nonpolitical Company established in Kabul by the most eligible, experts and experience National Engineers as a Nation private unit to participate activity in Reconstruction efforts of Afghanistan and pay great pleasure to work jointly with other Companies and Organizations to provide services for the war effected Countrymen of Afghanistan of different areas and to Assist the Government in Rehabilitation and Rebuilding of Afghanistan through Designing and Implementation of Construction and Reconstruction Projects throughout the Country funded by the PRTS, US Army of corps and other National and International Donor Agencies. To implement and conduct such Rehabilitation and Rebuilding activities
AKCC Consultants developed a Network of qualified staff and labors. Beside AKCC Consultants has strong base of light and heavy-duty tolls and Equipments possibilities.
This company is registered with AISA (Afghan Investment Support