Dawi Oil Co.Ltd


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Company Description

Dawi Oil Ltd is a branch of Dawi Group of Companies operating as the leading aviation fuel distributor located across Afghanistan. Dawi Group in addition to oil business has been in many businesses including construction, agriculture; trading and very recently Dawi Group has opened the only Duty Free Shop in Afghanistan at Kabul International Airport (New Terminal).

Dawi Oil has invested heavily in jet fuel storage facilities as well as distribution facilities with the advance technology and professional team workers. The Company has assembled new facilities across the country over and above upgrades the existing storages and rising as the only modern facility in the local and regional level. It is one of the few fuel companies with Research and Development facilities dedicated to the aviation sector.

Following an investigation of customer requirements, Dawi Oil Ltd has made major improvements concerning its services, in order to offer greater efficiency, responsiveness and professionalism. So far, Dawi Oil has been known for fuel supplying efficiency and quality assurance which attracted over 40 national and international airlines and aviation companies to utilize Dawi Oil services and have concluded bi-lateral long term agreements.