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Company Description

Hope you are quite OK and doing well. This is FARAH GOSTAR CO.,LTD which is located in Afghanistan in the following cities: Kabul, Heart and Farah. It should be mentionable, 85% Afghans they are engaged with agriculture, they keeping themselves from this field. Our company is functional from 1993 with its agricultural supplies that are consisting in:
1. Gasoline water pumps and generator
2. Sound-proof shield diesel generator
3. Electronic water pumps.
4. Solar water pumps
5. Kinds of (PVC) = Pipes
6. Electronic centrifugal water pumps
7. and the other agricultural goods together with the following bestseller goods
1. QJD with fan and 10m cable, copper and aluminum wire, 0.37KW, 0.50KW,0.75KW, 0.90KW, 1.1KW, 1.5KW, 2.2KW, single phase with and without control box
2. QGD shaft water pumps. Both copper and aluminum wire. 0.25KW, 0.37KW, 0.50KW,0.75KW, 0.90KW
3. QDX with float switch and without float switch, with 10m cable both ammonium and copper winding 0.37KW, 0.50KW, 0.75KW.
The bestselling solar water pumps with following technical data
1. 2 inch 3HP head max 50-80M head flow 150-200L/MIN
2. 3inch 10HP head max 40-80M head flow 400-600L/MIN
On condition you produce the above goods; you can send us the technical description of the goods and introduction of your company as well as price list for the above listed goods. An earlier response is highly appreciated.
NOTE: a large number of people in Afghanistan they are interested in solar water pumps because of the lack of electricity.
Looking forward your early reply
Best regards
Dawood Sultani: the sales manager

Kabul, Tel: +93-20-2562020 +93-75-2054350
E-mail: fg.kabul@yahoo.com , fg.kabul@hotmail.com
Heart, Tel: +93-40-220257-8