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General Directorate of Programs Design and Management (GDPDM) within the Afghan Civil Service Commission (IARCSC)focus on ensuring efficient and effective use of donors’ resources for coordinated programs implemented through the IARCSC. This new General Directorate is mandated to undertake donor coordination, project design, recruitment and appraisal of national and international experts at the IARCSC.
This restructure is part of a larger restructure of the IARCSC resulting from an organisational review and Presidential Decree in 2009. GDPDM addresses the need to bring all the IARCSC Development Programs under the management of a single General Directorate.
This larger Directorate will also address issues raised in the World Bank (2007) study suggesting the need for clearer demarcation of the roles and functions of the IARCSC in relation to Public Administration Reform (PAR). GDPDM will bring together all development programs of the Civil Service Commission in a strategic and coordinated manner, in partnership with donors and international partners, Ministries and Government agencies.
Based on the success of the IARCSC-CDS in the design and implementation of a range of Government capacity development programs (such as AEP, LEP, MCP, CAP, CSRP) the IARCSC has broadened the role of the CDS through this restructure creating the GDPDM.
The newly appointed Director General, Mr Rohullah Osmani, brings significant experience to this new General Directorate as the previous Director of the CDS.