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Company Description

GO-TCL (JV) is a registered company in Afghanistan with AISA (Afghanistan Investment Support Agency) and also as a prime contractor with other Contractors who are working in Afghanistan such us: US Army Corps (AED in BAF), IRD, LBG-BV, DynCorp and UNOCA.

GO-TCL (JV) is a specialized construction firm that providing design/build services in Afghanistan, leading by professional engineers and managers to penetrate dynamically into Afghanistan construction and engineering market.

Under the GO-TCL(JV) banner, our well organized team is moving dynamically into the Modern Afghan Construction and Business Market with a clear vision of providing quality services throughout Afghanistan. Our experienced team primarily focuses on Infrastructural Engineering, Buildings, and Roads by offering creative Design/Build, Surveying, Procurement and Project Management Services all over Afghanistan via gathering robust teams of expert engineers and skilled personnel, creating numerous job opportunities for Afghans; and recruiting international experts in management positions to increase effectiveness & efficiency in Projects.