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  • Founded Date 1 January, 2014
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  • Organization Name Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC)
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  • Website iarcsc.gov.af
  • Founded 2014

Company Description


The establishment of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission was first stipulated in the Bonn Agreements. Based on the Decree Number 257 on 23 May 2002 of Interim Government of Afghanistan, IARCSC was created under the name of “Independent Civil Administration Commission” as an independent budgetary unit. Leading the establishment of a robust administration, recruiting civil servants based on merit and skill, establishing the core civil services, and organizing the issues related to civil servants was the main goals behind the commission’s establishment.

As per the article 2 of the Head of Transitional Government of Afghanistan’s Decree Number 25 on 10 June 2003 its name was changed to “Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission and from this day the IARCSC started its operations.

Based on article 1 of the said decree, developing, managing, leading and implementation of nationwide reforms and based on article 3 of this decree issues such as identifying, selecting and proposing the appointment of high level civil servants; review and approval of civil service institutions requests on recruitment are considered the duties and responsibilities of the IARCSC Article 6 of this decree stipulates that ministries and government organizations are required to follow the decisions made by IARCSC.


Having a compliant, non-political, stable and transparent civil service administration within the framework of good governance that has the ability to effectively and efficiently use the public resources towards delivering basic services, increasing revenues and supporting the development of private sector for economic and social development of Afghanistan.


To lead and provide strategic guidance and expertise in civil service administration, and supporting the development of a robust and effective public administration system.

Civil Service Appointments Board

The Civil Service Appointments Board is responsible for merit based high level civil service recruitment(s), monitoring the lower level civil service recruitment(s), and implementing reform programs in civil service institutions as well as assisting these institutions in establishing a strong and effective organization.

Civil Service Appeals Board

This board is responsible to address the grievances of civil servants stemming from unmerited disciplinary actions taken against them, illegal instructions and orders, violations from rules and regulations and civil servants code of conduct, lack of access to their personal records, refusing orders without valid reasons, discriminatory behaviors and decisions by Civil Service Appointments board, recruitment committees in ministries and other valid complaints by civil servants.

Secretariat of IARCSC

This General Directorate operates under the Chairman of IARCSC and performs all administrative, financial and executive duties in accordance with the procedures, monitors projects and administrative reform programs and provides the implementation monitoring reports of these projects and programs to the IARCSC Chairman.

General Directorate of Civil Service Management

This General Directorate is established to manage, organize and effective provision of public services, development drafting of civil service laws, decrees, procedures and policies and to provide technical feedback on and monitor the implementation of these policies.

General Directorate of Civil Service Institute

The Civil Service Institute is an academic and training institution that is established to work towards building the capacities of the civil servants and university graduates. Also, this institute assists in strategic and action planning, developing of policies, strategies and training guidelines for civil servants’ capacity building concurrent with the strategic goals of IARCSC.