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Company Description

Kikarak Construction and Engineering Company is the creation of
Kikarak Construction Organization (KCO), which was initiated as an
Afghan NGO volunteer in 2001.
During that time the windows for private sector to could take part in
reconstruction of Afghanistan was very narrow as there were less and
even no opportunities for private sector having got funding from donor
agencies under the shadow of companies. Therefore the only way for
educated and technical people to have participated in serving the
destroyed country and its needy people was to have been registered under
the name of NGOS. After fall of Taliban, almost all stakeholders including
government, UN agencies and international donors put high attention to
private sector as the effective tool in reconstruction of Afghanistan, thus
encouraging private sector to further develop. Therefore Kikarak
Construction Organization decided to change its mandate and enter to
private sector rather than being an NGO.
To this end (KCO) is register by the name of Kikarak Construction and
Engineering Company (KCO) in 2005.
By 2002 (KCO) expanded in all over the country and such a repaid
expansion varied the quality of appropriate management having a
centralized administration.
(KCO) which was officially come to the ground on 2005, It is registered
with AISA and Afghan builder Association (ABA