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Company Description

Ministry of Mines and Petroleum is an enabler of the sector’s development and steward of all mineral and hydrocarbon resources through the implementation of international best practice, policies, regulations and procedures to encourage environmentally and socially acceptable private investment. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to ensure progress in research, exploration, development, and exploitation of both minerals and hydrocarbons. The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum approach is to create the highest level of ministerial competence, promote clear and transparent investment opportunities through modern laws, regulation and policies; and develop a progressive and inviting fiscal regime.

It has been estimated that Afghanistan holds more 1 trillion worth of natural resources that include, iron ore, copper, gold, precious stones, and semi-precious stones, and hydrocarbons.

Ministry of Mines and Petroleum as the manager of all-natural resources in Afghanistan is committed to performing its responsibilities for sustainable usage of the resources (Minerals and Hydrocarbons) to sustain financial growth and the balance payment.

Following the mining sector road-map, the regulatory body of the Ministry initially has operational independence and, over time it will function as the regulatory department and, the department will be responsible for regulating the bidding process. Meanwhile, the operational sectors will be corporatized consist of Afghan Gas Enterprise, Kod-e-Barq Enterprise, North Coal Enterprise, and Jabal Saraj Cement Factory.

The ministry has implemented new reform strategies to make efficient use of resources and, to attract investment in the extractive sector, namely the legal framework that includes Hydrocarbons Law, the New Mines Law and, the Mining Regulations for the process, implementation and effective management of mining and hydrocarbon contracts.

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has adopted and implements a new approach and policy to promote private investment and expand investor interest in the extracting sector in the best interest of Afghanistan. It is also the responsibility of the Ministry to safeguard and secure companies that want to invest in the sector leading the country into a modern, modern, sustainable and capable society.


We support equitable knowledge-based development, transparency, and sustainable use in Afghanistan’s extractive sector.


Policymaking, operationalization, and regulation of the extractive sector for an effective, efficient and sustainable use for the national economic growth.


1.      Develop and reform the organizational structure of the Ministry

2.      Geological information management

3.      Contract implementation management

4.      Transparent and accountable governance

5.      Creating an efficient environment for doing business in the extractive sector


Effective management of natural resources, creating employment opportunities, national economic growth, and encouraging private sector investment to extract minerals and hydrocarbons to increase and boost national income.