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Company Profile – 2010

AISA Reg. #:D-25395

NOORIN television has been created in 2007/07/18 for providing quality business services for the people in Afghanistan to render them a proper service that what are they doing, NOORIN is providing divergent services to its respectful customers in order to achieve their satisfaction by providing television, radio and production services for its customers NOORIN has increased its customers in Afghanistan and it has upgraded its coverage in thirty four provinces of Afghanistan and besides it has the intention of having international coverage in order to not only compete with the television networks located in Afghanistan but to compete with the international radio and television networks and in order to be more successful in the market we have provided different training programs to our employees for upgrading their capacity inside the organization in addition due to the fact that we are living in an afghan society so the programs are being observed from every aspect moreover we have also been trying to enhance the quality of our television and radio inside the environment of television and we believe that we would like to produce best programs for the entertainment of our customers.
NOORIN Is helping organization to develop their sales inside their organization through Radio and television advertisements.
NOORIN is serving its clints in different ways including providing discounts for the organizations who are having low income and moreover not forgetting the small businesses NOORIN will also provide specific discounts for the businesses which are having low income plus providing considerable services for the government of Afghanistan which itself registers NOORIN as a helping sector for people in Afghanistan specially contributing to the economic growth of Afghanistan by adding different advertisment programs for the businesses and the people related to the businesses in Afghanistan.
Our relationships with different national and international organizations give us a unique understanding of the business and professional environment, needs and opportunities in the country, and also the challenges that these organizations are facing.
At NOORIN, we want to help you work smarter, not harder, and we accomplish this goal by establishing long-term relationships based on the success of our solutions. Our national and international relations bring knowledge, experience and commitment applied to the context of Afghanistan that ensures high quality services.

As the letters NOORIN meaning is brightness and lay the foundation for human interaction and communication, we at NOORIN also are pioneers in providing client oriented, tailor made solutions to our clients in order to help them overcome the emerging challenges and achieve their growth and progress goals.

As we enter into a partnership with a client, we take the role of a advertisements, strategically guiding that client to informed conclusions about needs, desires, challenges and potentials. This strategic approach drives our activity efficiently and intelligently; our focus is on tangible results.

Provincial Presence
NOORIN now has provincial presence in thirty four provinces of Afghanistan provinces where we are implementing some advertisements aimed at enabling young men and women to know about the presence of NOORIN in whole nation. We also have radio and production services activated in whole country and soon NOORIN will be operating through the satellite in all nations of the globe which not only shows that this television is having a national strength but also it shows that it has an international strength to attract the attention of customers.

NOORIN ‘s first priority is to create attractive and professional programs through new ideas as this organization has always been considered as one of the most famous television networks across the whole nation by its genuine services provided for the success of afghan people and through its advertisement agency NOORIN will help its customers achieve their marketing objectives in a short period of time and get themselves to their customers as soon as possible we believe that we can render and make businesses successful through our advertisement sector and the board of directors of NOORIN believe that they are not only doing business with the organizations but they are establishing a proper and systematic relationship with the organizations and NOORIN is trying to speak the language of every afghan inside the professional environment and accept their comments for the betterment of Programs we also think that through our services we can create unique opportunities for businesses in Afghanistan including creating employment opportunities for Afghan people currently approximately 200 people are working in NOORIN television which not only shows we are a large scale organization as compare to other organizations but the contribution for the afghan people and help in the economic sector of Afghanistan.

Currently NOORIN is functioning in 34 provinces of Afghanistan and we have also the plan of increasing its network coverage not only nationally but internationally and as we mentioned NOORIN is a national television and the language which is being expressed in NOORIN television is a national television and every languages are including: Pashto, farsi and we also have the plan of having a program for every languages in the television networks.

“NOORIN will have an international image through the satisfaction of its customers and the creation of a professional environment to assist with the economic process of the country and as its named as the voice of freedom we also provide the opportunity for the people in order to express their views explicitly and to make them utilize the opportunities for the people.

NOORIN has the vision of capturing the both national and international markets and through our divergent programs which are being made for children, families and youngsters we believe that we have a respectful image in minds of people who are enthusiastic to about the quality services of each and every country and through our broad financial plan we believe that we can penetrate the market to make the organization an international business that from one hand thinks about the satisfaction of its customers and from the other hand it thinks about the generating more alternatives to create a professional environment inside the business and we also believe that our good management will be the approach of our success inside the environment of Afghanistan the international mass media.

One the important services of NOORIN television is the production services which we are providing to respectful companies and individuals and if they would like to make a video clip which is systematic and according to world standards and we believe that through our hard work and good management we can capture the markets and we can create opportunities for the people who are having low income people through our sales discounts besides we provide certain discounts for the people in order to enhance the level of the capacity of people which not only proves that we are a business but also shows that NOORIN concentrates on the development process of Afghanistan’s economy.

As written in the following text NOORIN television has a permanent commitment with the people of Afghanistan and its competitors to render them quality services in order to attract the attention of our customers and establish positive and permanent relationship with our customers NOORIN doesn’t deem a single customer as a temporary customer but NOORIN considers every customers as a special and permanent and with due respect to the market we will always consider the satisfaction of our actual and potential customers and by providing 24 hours news services we will provide another service for the people of Afghanistan and these news programs consist of: English news , pashto news , Persian news and we have uzbeki news program in our plan which is going to be rendered for the uzbik and the people of Afghanistan we are providing the standard system provided by certain other international media networks and we believe that through our professional employees we can achieve the organizational tangible and intangible purposes and goals.

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