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Company Description

OMAID BAHAR is the first and the only fruit juice concentrate factory in Afghanistan. This is a multi fruit processing plant newly established in suburbs of Kabul city. The plant is equipped with modern fruit processing facilities designed and installed by world-renowned BERTUZZI Company of Italy.

The plant is operating according to the HACCP quality standards and aims to deliver premium fruit juice concentrate and puree from Afghan Pomegranates, Apples, Apricots, Peaches, Plums, Watermelons and Carrots.
This plant has the capacity of processing 30,000 tons of locally grown fruits with an estimate turn over of $ 20 million per year.

This plant provides the opportunity to 30,000 afghan growers to increase their income through the sale of non-A grade fresh fruits to the factory.

Our Processed Products:

– Pomegranate Juice Concentrate (65 brix)
– Apple Juice Concentrate (70 brix)
– Apple Puree
– Apricot Puree
– Peach Puree
– Carrot concentrate (40 brix)
– Watermelon concentrate (65 brix)
– Plum concentrate (65 brix)

All the processed products are filled in aseptic bag 250 kg net weight and the bag is enclosed in a conical metal drum.
OMAID BAHAR is also furnished with the fresh fruits packing facility that functions according to the international food safety standards to bring the finest quality fresh fruits export.
Our fresh fruits export includes:
• Pomegranate
• Apple
• Apricot
• Peaches
• Melons

These fruits are packed under HACCP quality systems and meet all the food safety standards and customer specifications.
OMAID BAHAR is committed to bring a Contract Farming for the first time in Afghanistan. This will help the afghan farmers to be familiar with the innovative techniques in post harvest management and yield improvement. Under the contract farming the farmers will have the opportunity that there whole produce will be sold with some percentage of payment in advance. The whole produce will include the fruits which were not sold before from the farmers.
Further the plant is intended to be upgraded with grapes and tomato processing facilities and installation of Tetra Pak line machineries to produce ready to drink juices for the local market. This will further create job opportunities and leading to import substitution.