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The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) initiated the Resettlement Deployment Scheme in 1997 as a means to increase its capacity to refer refugees for resettlement consideration and strengthen its relationship with NGO resettlement partners.In 1998, the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) undertook administration of the Resettlement Scheme in a joint partnership with UNHCR. The Scheme continues to serve as a mutually beneficial mechanism for both UNHCR and the resettlement countries to respond to the needs of refugees.

Partnership with NGOs:
Through its partnership with NGOs, the Resettlement Deployment Scheme offers an opportunity to bring skilled people from a variety of NGO backgrounds, into refugee protection operations in the field. The temporary placement of NGO personnel who are sent on deployments within UNHCR operations provides them with an increased understanding of how UNHCR resettlement programs function within the context of local and international partnerships. In turn, UNHCR benefits from the experience of NGO personnel who are grounded in community work in refugee receiving countries.
At the end of their assignments, deployees (persons who have completed deployments) return to their home organizations. Deployees from NGOs can use their new experiences and insights to increase awareness of UNHCR’s resettlement work and of the prominent role that NGOs play in giving effect to resettlement as a durable solution and protection tool.