How to Find Your Dream Job in Afghanistan?

In this article you will read the effective ways of finding your dream job in Afghanistan and you will find this a useful article for searching and finding jobs in Afghanistan.

Finding a good job is somehow hard in every part of the world regardless of any country, but when it comes to find a job in Afghanistan so it’s even harder than anywhere else due to some major social and cultural reasons.

Almost in all countries most of the jobs are announced in online websites such as Monster Jobs, Indeed Jobs, Gulf Jobs, US Jobs, and many other websites. Therefor jobseekers and applicants also search their desired jobs in different jobs announcement platforms. The ending result of job announcements and the hiring process of the suitable applicants are totally transparent.

But in Afghanistan, the process of employment or employee recruitment is somehow different.

As most of the population in Afghanistan don’t have access to fast internet and around 90% of people of Afghanistan are not familiar with online stuff – including job searching online in Afghanistan and properly applying for the announced jobs.

In this article, we are going to separate the ways of job searching and finding into two categories.

No. 1: Local Recruitment

No. 2: Online Recruitment

You can read both recruitment processes in Afghanistan that how local business announce and hire their required staff and also how modernized business and organizations announce and hire their staff in Afghanistan.

Local Employment / Recruitment Process

Many businesses and employers in Afghanistan are tend to announce their jobs in the local market using the paper-based job announcement. Such type of recruiters in Afghanistan only prepare and print the basic requirements of their job announcements such as Job title, required experience, basic education requirement, job location, and contact details.

After printing the job announcement details, they install the paper-based job announcement using stick-glue in different parts of the local community and populated areas of the city. This way competitive job seekers and applicants may see their advertisement on the walls of streets and road-lightning pillars of main roads. The job seekers call the recruiters and then visit their office or working location. After discussing the details and screening out different applicants, the recruiters make decision based on the potentials and skills of the applicants considering their compensation and salary benefits. After agreement of both sides, the luckiest job seeker gets hired for a probation period.

In some points, the recruiters also publish their job announcements in the local magazines and newspapers. As this is time consuming and may take days and weeks to hire a person. Therefore, this medium of recruitment is very rare in the job market of Afghanistan.

Online Employment / Recruitment Process

As we can confidently say that Afghanistan is those countries which are adapting the digitization in every sector and different organizations in Afghanistan are in the process of converting into digital and online systems. Thus, we can proudly say that Afghanistan will be one of the developing countries as soon as we witness peace throughout the country.

Since 2001 and demolishing of Taliban system, international organizations to private companies, and governmental organizations to new start-ups are utilizing the modernized digital systems including the employment processes. As the people of Afghanistan are eager to utilize the digital systems and online platforms.

Therefore, many employers including international non-governmental organizations (iNGOs), national NGOs, start-ups, governmental organizations, multi-million companies, and online shops in Afghanistan are announcing their vacant positions online through different job announcement platforms and websites in Afghanistan. As the recruiters can announce their job positions easily, and the job seekers can also search their desired jobs hassle-free considering their qualifications.

Some of the major and best job websites in Afghanistan are as following where you can find all jobs in all provinces of Afghanistan because almost more than 80% of online and official jobs in Afghanistan are announced in these websites:

ACBAR | Jobs and Coordination of NGOs in Afghanistan

The Afghan Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development (ACBAR Jobs) is the oldest and first jobs announcement organization working in Afghanistan for more than two decades. In fact, ACBAR is working as an entity for coordination of all international and national NGOs throughout Afghanistan, and despite of its coordination and humanitarian activities, they regularly publish daily job announcements in their official website.

In the meantime, ACBAR has regional offices for coordination of different NGOs with governmental departments in the different regions of Afghanistan where it plays a vital role for solving the problems of NGOs in Afghanistan.

You can search and find your desired job through this website of ACBAR: | | Jobs in Afghanistan

As a separate jobs announcing entity in Afghanistan, website is the one which regularly adapts the of new changes and regularly updates their website based on new trends of the day. You can apply for the announced jobs at both online or through email.

For some years, the job announcement services of was free for companies, but since the last decade it is charging a certain amount for publishing job announcements.

You can search and find your desired job via below website of : | Jobs and Scholarships in Afghanistan

When it comes to publishing new jobs and opportunities in Afghanistan, the brand you can count on. As Jobistan regularly publishes various job opportunities in Afghanistan, scholarships for Afghanistan, seminars, trainings, and workshops both in social network profiles and official website of

Meanwhile, all job seekers can create free online CV or Resume in the website of Jobistan where all employers and recruiters can see and directly contact with the job seekers for their urgent recruitment and fulfilling their vacant positions.

Since 2018 overall services of has been free for publishing and job announcements in is totally free for all the employers, organizations, and business.

You can search and find your desired job through this website of Jobistan:

O4AF | Opportunities For Afghanistan

This is an independent website operated by individual youth both for job announcements and other opportunities for Afghans. O4AF websites collects and copies information from different websites and social network profiles and directly publishes in their website for awareness of Afghan youths from different opportunities in the country and out side Afghanistan.

You can search different jobs and opportunities for Afghanistan through this website :

Facebook | Jobs in Afghanistan in Social Networks

Social networks are one of the most used platforms by Afghan people – especially Facebook. Almost more than 90% Afghans who have internet access regularly visits Facebook for getting informed of daily events in Afghanistan and beyond the country borders.

Though, many people are searching jobs in Afghanistan through using Facebook social media platform because there are many companies which announces their vacant positions in Facebook pages and groups relevant to Jobs and Scholarships in Afghanistan. This way, some of job seekers find their desired job through Facebook too.

Some of the popular job announcement Facebook pages are as following:


Conclusion; As a final point, you can search and find your desired job in Afghanistan in both ways – either through local and online employment portals and websites. Thanks for reading this article of Jobistan Blog and we will be publishing more great and useful articles for our visitors.

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